Apple's Most Expensive iPhone 6s Goes On Sale In India At Rs 92,000 |

Apple's Most Expensive iPhone 6s Goes On Sale In India At Rs 92,000

This year’s Apple iPhone line-up is clearly the most expensive one ever.


It has been a long wait for Apple fans, who finally get their chance to purchase the brand new iPhone 6s from Apple reseller stores all over India today. And as the year’s go by, Apple has also realised that India is an important and maturing market for it’s best selling product, the iPhone. And the Cupertino giant could not bring in its hottest product at a better time to India, which happens to arrive on the verge of the festive season.

But what is different this year compared to any other iPhone launch in the past, are the prices. Many will find them ridiculous and most will ponder about whether paying Rs 62,000 for a paltry 16 GB of internal storage makes any sense.

Yes, this year’s iPhone prices will cost you an arm and a leg:

iPhone 6s (available in Rose Gold, Gold, Silver and Grey)

16 GB: Rs 62,000
64 GB: Rs 72,000
128 GB: Rs 82,000

And if you thought that was not high-enough we also have the iPhone 6s Plus to shatter smartphone price barriers

16 GB: Rs 72,000
64 GB: Rs 82,000
128 GB: Rs 92,000

While we have no numbers from Apple just yet, there will be plenty of festive shoppers pondering over whether they should go in for the older iPhone 6 instead of the ludicrously priced iPhone 6s models that cost more than Apple’s MacBook Air laptops.

The smartphones hit pre-order almost a week ago, with most online reseller’s shipping iPhone 6s units to owners today itself, while the rest get them by tomorrow.

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Well for now all we can say is that even if Apple does not sell 55,000 iPhones in 42 hours like last year, it is surely making headlines for its outrageous pricing. Ones that may convince many with heavy pockets to splurge on having something unique in their hands this festive season.

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