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WhatsApp Update Adds 3D Touch Support For iPhone 6s

For now, it only works for the Peek and Pop gestures inside your chat window.


WhatsApp has finally got another big update for iOS. But instead of adding the much-awaited Spotlight search results in the new and improved system-wide search, it has added support for 3D Touch for the new iPhone 6s models.

Still then, the new feature will allow iOS users to use their Peek or Pop interactions with a variety of items you see in chats including pictures, videos, links, contact cards, and locations.

Apart from 3D Touch, WhatsApp also adds support for languages that are read from right to left. The new interface is now mirrored and optimised for languages like Arabic.

Also included are the usual bug fixes and improvements. Version: 2.12.9 also includes a feature from the previous one that allowed users to star their favourite messages (or the ones they would need for future reference) and then access them in the contact or group info options.


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