Apple’s Week-Old iPhone 6s Models Showing Plenty Of Problems |

Apple’s Week-Old iPhone 6s Models Showing Plenty Of Problems

While some do have some quick-fixes, others will have to wait for the next software update.


It has been a week since Apple’s iPhone 6s and 6s Plus smartphones have begun selling in certain markets and users have already started to complain about problems with their new phones. While some of the issues have started showing up after days of use, others seem to appear fresh out of the box.

The issues seem to be mostly software related, but some may have to do with faulty hardware. And while Apple has yet to confirm the same via a press release, 9 to 5 Mac seems to have quite a number of issues opening up threads on their forums.

Some users have reported problems with the Touch ID sensor in the Home Button becoming too hot to touch. According to some users, holding down the Power Button along with the Home Button together for a reset should solve the issue.

Devices that randomly shut down is another abnormal issue with iPhone 6s owners stating that their devices randomly power off even though there’s plenty of juice in them.

Audio distortion is number three on the list of iPhone 6s issues that users are reporting. Early adopters have noticed that there seems to be issues with the speaker screeching or cracking at loud volumes. 9 to 5 Mac also noticed that the Phone app delivers audio to the wrong speaker at times.

Lastly, there’s Apple’s hit feature, 3D Touch. According to users, there are instances where native apps respond to Peek and Pop gestures even though they have not been called for.

Indeed, all of the above issues seem to be software related apart from the speaker problem. So most of them (or all) can be solved with a simple software update. But it is cause of concern as two how Apple is unable to reproduce such issues before pushing handsets to stores.

During the iPhone 6 launch users also reported that their shiny new iPhones were bending. Apple changed the grade of Aluminium used in the new iPhone 6s to rectify this. Coming to India last year's iPhone 6 was quite a success, so much so that Apple has begun to take the Indian market seriously. As of now there is no news about when the new iPhone 6s models are expected.


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