Inventec Confirms Xiaomi’s Laptop Computers To Arrive By Q1 2016 |

Inventec Confirms Xiaomi’s Laptop Computers To Arrive By Q1 2016

Although it isn’t quite sure how the company’s strategy for selling these laptops will work out.


Chinese ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) Inventec has confirmed that it will be building laptops for smartphone maker Xiaomi. Inventec Chairman, Richard Lee confirmed that the contract manufacturer will be building Xiaomi Inc’s upcoming computer product, that is expected to run Linux at least in its home market in China.

What the Chairman was a bit confused about however, is Xiaomi’s strategy behind selling these laptop computers. While the Chinese smartphone maker’s mobile devices strategy is doing perfectly fine, Inventec isn’t clear how well it will apply to the laptop market as it is a different segment altogether.

According to Lee, the ODM will begin shipping these laptop computers built for Xiaomi by Q1 or Q2 next year.

Until recently, it was not clear who was building this Linux-powered laptop for Xiaomi. According to the last report, it was confirmed that both Foxconn and Inventec will be building them.

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Xiaomi however, seems mum on the topic for now. Clearly, this is because production is yet to commence. Meanwhile the Chinese smartphone maker is giving international brands stiff competition in the Indian market and has also climbed the ranks internationally, to become the world third biggest smartphone brand.

As for the details about the laptop, there is not much available but just that it will be a 15 inch one that mimics the Apple MacBook Air on design.


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