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Xiaomi Is Building An Affordable Notebook With Foxconn

Expected to run Linux for China, but we think this has something to do with an Mi 5 with Windows 10 inside.


Keeping in line with our previous report (that many refused to believe) Xiaomi is working on an affordable notebook that may mimic the Apple Macbook Air. The Chinese smartphone maker seems to want to make its foray into the PC market having delivered a Mi Box and Mi TV earlier this year.

News about this ultrabook comes from Digitimes, which is a pretty reliable source of news about the industry. According to the publication, Xiaomi is working with Foxconn and another ODM partner called Inventec, but the news of the ultrabook’s mass production schedule is still pending.

Xiaomi is also expected to apply the same strategy from its smartphone business to its upcoming notebook. A computing device that is built with quality in mind, but goes low on the price tag and big on services.

The device (seen in the top left image) is expected to be a 15 inch one, for the Chinese market with Linux running inside. Pricing is expected to be in the Rs 31,000 (approx.)range.

We at TechTree however assume that this has something to do with the its Microsoft treaty, where Xiaomi opted to test Windows Phone software on its Mi 4 smartphone. Xiaomi could have a strategy here, to build Windows 10 smartphones and sell the above mentioned notebook to complete the ecosystem for global markets.

If you were keeping track of your Xiaomi rumours, a Chinese analyst also speculated that Xiaomi could be working on a tablet running Windows 10 as well.


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