Sensor-Based Equipment Worth Rs 63 Cr To Prevent Railway Accidents |

Sensor-Based Equipment Worth Rs 63 Cr To Prevent Railway Accidents

A preventive measure indeed, but the problem can only get resolved with timely maintenance.


The Railways Ministry has issued a Rs 63 crore budget to confront the problems related to track conditions (asset conditions) that lead to catastrophic failures on its railway networks.

The Ministry will be issuing the expression of interest or EoI from the 7th of September, one that will accept bids from a number of international vendors who design and manufacture the sensor-based equipment to monitor tracks and locomotives.

Currently already in use in the US, UK and Israel, the system is commonly referred to as a ‘condition monitoring system’. Such a system uses a number of sensors, both on the trains, or fitted on to the tracks, to monitor both or just the condition of the train or the tracks.

The system often uses vibrations to determine flaws in equipment and machinery or the tracks and sends data to a central server to be accessed and analysed by authorities. The most minute problems on the track can be detected early, much before the damage happens and clearly before those minor issues lead to big accidents.

The Ministry plans, to prevent future accident and mishaps, by detecting problems in its networks before they happen and reduce costs by detecting asset damage early.

Indeed the crux of this operation is one, timely maintenance and two, the rattling old equipment currently used locomotives, both intra-city and local railways lines.

The Ministry will be purchasing 6800 sensor based systems to be installed on its locomotives and other equipment. The Railways Ministry has plans to test out the equipment in the current year as the same was proposed in Budget proposals.

Source, Image Credits: The Indian Railways Fan Club

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