The Samsung Gear S2 Certainly Looks The Part In This Instagram Post |

The Samsung Gear S2 Certainly Looks The Part In This Instagram Post

And it comes straight off the hands of Samsung’s head of Mobile UXCA.


We all know that the Samsung Gear S2 is going to be big. It will be big for two reasons,with the first one being its looks with a round display. Second, would be its rotating bezel that will be used for its UI interaction.

Having seen it in the press shots in Samsung’s look book that was revealed at the Galaxy Note event a few weeks ago, its not exactly a surprise.

But today, we are seeing it in a completely different space, on Instagram. And it sure looks good. More watch that smartwatch in fact. Seems like Samsung has found its balance after all.

The image comes from the Instagram account of none other than Dennis Miloseski, head of Samsung Mobile UXCA in the US. So yes, this is a pretty legitimate live image.

It shows off the round rotating bezel, the round display, and the two buttons on the right with a cavity for the mic.

Indeed, what makes the Gear S2 special, are the rumours about it being able to run on a nano SIM. This means that it will be able to work independently, without the need for a Samsung smartphone. This also means that you will be able to place calls and run apps with it, similar to its ugly predecessor the Gear S.

Let’s just hope that Samsung has managed to rope in plenty of developers and businesses to get its app bank ready in time for its IFA launch in September. This is more so because the company had pushed out its SDK for the device back in May.


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