Latest Leak Reveals BlackBerry's So Called Android Handset |

Latest Leak Reveals BlackBerry's So Called Android Handset

The QWERTY slider is expected to feature Android Lollipop.


BlackBerry may not be selling a lot of handsets, but its fan-base is somewhat enough to keep the company alive. You may call it a company in a vegetative state, but one thing for sure that it is far from dead.

Recently, Samsung launched a physical keyboard accessory with its Galaxy S6 edge+ to challenge the Canadian brand. Now it seems Blackberry wants to hit back at the South Korean electronics giant with a new Android device powered by Android.

Over last few months, we have come across many rumours pointing at such device. However, now thanks to the popular "leakster" @evleaks, we have got a glimpse of Blackberry's next move.

Codenamed Venice, the upcoming device is said to pack in a vertical slider keyboard. Going by the image and video posted by @evleaks, the design is reminiscent of the BlackBerry Torch 2 9810 with a modern twist. Those familiar with early Windows Phone devices, may label it the Dell Venue Pro clone. The loudspeaker placement is intriguing though.



According to the rumours, The Venice will run Android Lollipop out-of-the-box. Most probably. BlackBerry will replace some of the Google services with its own.

Then, there were leaked images of of a Passport-esque Blackberry. However, we found that lot to be an example of bad 'Photoshop' job.

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