Google Now Lets You Hangout From Its New Web App |

Google Now Lets You Hangout From Its New Web App

While it may seem great at first, you are indeed better off with the Gmail window.


A Google software engineer Jordana Chord, put out a public post last night about Hangouts going solo from the Gmail and Google+ websites.

The move is a good one indeed and will help users get away from the clutter of their inbox and chat with a good-looking scenery in the background. But is it practical?

Well, the new web app has a different purpose, it brings Google’s Hangouts app to the web in a manner similar to what Facebook offers with its Messenger platform along with WhatsApp Web.

Still then, its the interface that is the focus here. You get streamlined access to your contacts, messages and calls, in all its Material Design goodness.

While everything looks clutter-free and you do get to access Hangouts without the need to open up Google+ or Gmail inbox. Hangouts is not independent yet, so you will still need your Google account to sign up, which kind of kills the point of this exercise.

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Again we had trouble opening more than 3 windows on a 15 inch laptop, because the main Chat window with all the conversations, simply takes up too much of space.

We managed to open just 3 hangouts chat windows compared to the 6 we managed on the Gmail page. Still then, the true purpose of this web apps was to give separate access to Hangouts, so on that front, it makes perfect sense.

You can head to the new web app by typing in:


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