Google To Add Operating System Security Warnings In Android M |

Google To Add Operating System Security Warnings In Android M

A message during boot up will inform the extent to which the smartphone has been compromised


For all those who are worried about the device being compromised, here comes a good news. Google is adding a new security feature to its Nexus line-up and might be a part of upcoming Android M.

Google has updated its support page which lists out the new Operating System safety feature warning. This will act as a boot verification system and checks whether there has been a security breach during each start up.

The page says, “When you turn on an Android device, the operating system is checked to make sure that it's safe to use. This means that the code running on your device comes from a trusted source and hasn't been changed or corrupted.”

In an attempt to help the user with the level of breach, Google has come up with yellow, orange and red colours.

If the message is yellow, then “your devices has loaded a different operating system.” This might appear in case of rooted devices as well, so if you know why this is showing up, then you shouldn't be worried at all.

The orange message displaying on the screen of your smartphone or tablet could means that “your device software can't be checked for corruption.” According to Google, the best course of action is to lock the bootloader.

Last but not least, if a red operating system safety warning is showing up on your screen during boot then things are really, really bad. Google says that “your device is corrupt” and that “it can be trusted and may not work properly.”

As a security feature, Google has disabled the feature to dismiss the message, but it will go away after 10 seconds.

In case Google recommends that you should not use device in current state and original OS should be restored, the option is to do it or contact the device manufacturer’s support centre.

Considering that these messages haven’t been implemented, we can believe that these will be a part of Android M that will be released in a couple of months. 

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