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UC Browser Update For Windows Phone Lets You Cut Down On Data Costs

Comes with advanced cloud-based features that let you sync bookmarks and more across devices.


Frankly speaking, there are few choices for web browsers in the Windows Phone Store. The only one that was good enough, was Maxthon Browser but it crashed often on 512 MB devices, leaving Windows Phone users stuck with the default Explorer and its limitations.

Well, today UC Browser has announced a major upgrade. One that not only overhauls the UI, but also adds a couple of interesting features that will make it worth its existence on the Windows Phone Store.

The new updates come courtesy of the cloud. This allows the company push out some advanced features that piggy back on this tech such as data-compression and even the ability to manage and pause and resume your downloads.

According to the company the data-compression (which is actually an Opera speciality) will let you cut your browsing data consumption into half..

The other important feature here is cloud sync. This feature will not only allow you to sync your bookmarks across devices and platforms, but also sync open tabs.

The downloads section gets pause and resume for downloads along with a file manager to organise your downloads.

The updates are also coming soon to iOS devices, which brings a redesigned browser user interface and the data savings with the data compression tech.

Mobile web browsers are growing in importance, especially for the Windows Phone platform that seems to be stuck with webkit restrictions and cloud technology being the only way out. This is important in more than one way for India, because mobile penetration is a lot higher than desktop computers thanks to smartphones being accessible and a lot cheaper.


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