BitTorrent Shoot Allows For Cross Platform File Sharing |

BitTorrent Shoot Allows For Cross Platform File Sharing

While the idea is great, the app feels a bit limited.


While there are plenty of apps available in app stores for files sharing, BitTorrent’s Shoot app stands out for the simple fact that it is cross-platform, meaning that you can share anything across Android, iOS and even Windows Phone.

This can happen across Wi-Fi or even on a mobile connection. The transfers take place not through a cloud service and nor a Wi-Fi handshake either, but thanks to BitTorrent’s Sync technology (peer to peer). This means that the whole process will need a minimum of two people in all for the file to be transferred online.

More importantly, this would be faster than the normal online route via centralised data centres or cloud services, simply because the transfers will use the BitTorrent protocol that breaks up files into small pieces and allows devices to receive file pieces from several peers simultaneously. The more devices a folder is shared with, the faster files are transferred (sounds like a torrent, but its not).

Indeed, these files are limited to just photos and videos for now and all received files remain inside the Shoot app. Moreover, the app is not free. The first 3 “sends” are free while you can receive as many files as you like. There is a 1.99 USD one-time charge that will enable unlimited sending.

BitTorrent’s take is that the files stay off the cloud and will remain between devices only, meaning that data remains entirely private. Again this is more important for iOS users compared to any other platform due to its closed nature.

Name: BitTorrent Shoot
Publisher: BitTorrent, Inc.
Platform: Android, iOS, Windows Phone
Size: 6.4 MB, 19.2 MB, 5 MB
Download: Play Store, iTunes, Windows Phone Store

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