Samsung’s Foldable Project Valley Device Could Be The Next Big Thing |

Samsung’s Foldable Project Valley Device Could Be The Next Big Thing

Mobile software innovation in Android seems to be at a standstill.


With the announcement of Google’s Android M today, it is pretty obvious that mobile innovation in terms of software is slowing down. So much so, that manufacturers have to innovate in other areas such as hardware and design to keep consumers interested.

And as per the current scenario, Samsung seems to be on top bit of that chain for now. This is thanks to its long term investments and interest in foldable displays, which have lead to the production and manufacturing of smartphones like the the Galaxy S6 edge.

While these may not be too practical in their current form, its the customer satisfaction that counts; and so far Samsung and its customers seem to be happy with its products. This is where Project Valley comes in.

It is a top secret (well, not any more) project that Samsung is apparently working on with its bendable screen technology. Indeed, it was not too long ago when we heard rumours along with supporting patent filings from Samsung about a bendable 9 inch device.

A 3-fold display shown off by Samsung.

The device could be transformed from a tablet into smartphone by simply folding its flexible form factor. Project Valley could be that very device. According to the source, Samsung is working with new gestures as well that would help facilitate operations. This according to us, is where TouchWiz is essential as it acts as bridge between stock Android (and its apps) and Samsung’s unique physical hardware.

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Again, do not get your hopes too high as the project could be canned entirely if Samsung hits a roadblock. Though the chances of that happening appear to be slim because LG is also looking at bendable displays, both for its televisions and mobile products.

While Android Wear is beginning to show its cracks in terms of power consumption, and manufacturers are looking at custom hardware and software to increase the same, should we expect Samsung to move from Android to Tizen? We don’t think so, as Google recently began looking into the basics like smoothness and battery life (finally listening to consumers) so Android still seems to be the right mix... for now.


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