Samsung President Denies Sluggish S6 Sales; Note 5 To Launch As Usual |

Samsung President Denies Sluggish S6 Sales; Note 5 To Launch As Usual

Will take the iPhone 6s Plus head on.


Samsung Electronics President, Shin Jong-kyun has shot down rumours about the Samsung Note 5 showing up earlier this year to make up for bad sales of the Galaxy S6. The head stated that the Galaxy S6 flagship was doing better than ever and has even surpassed the 10 million unit sales mark.

He dismissed that the reports that emanated from SamMobile were fake; in the sense that the S6 was doing actually doing well. TechTree did report the same, but we clearly did not mention the bit about bad Galaxy S6 sales.

Strangely though Shin Jong-kyun refused to comment about the Korean giant’s next smartphone the Note 5.

So for now we have to take it from him that the announcement and launch of the device will be expected in September during the IFA Berlin.

This is similar to last year’s announcement, where we saw the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Note Edge.

It seems like Samsung is ready to take on the Apple iPhone 6s Plus and is pretty confident that its smartphone will do well; now that they finally got the S6 right.

Since Samsung went with a dual edge display with the S6, we can expect something more practical with the Note series as well along with the S Pen functionality.


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