Samsung And Samsonite Join Hands To Bring Smart Luggage |

Samsung And Samsonite Join Hands To Bring Smart Luggage

With smart luggage, you can track your luggage with GPS and also receive alerts.


While travelling, if you have ever worried about losing your luggage bag, then this new technology by Samsung jointly with Samsonite is for you.

Well, its pretty much predictable that when Samsung and Samsonite joins hands, the result would be a smart luggage bag and that's what they are up to now.

The new generation 'smart luggage' which is said to be equipped with GPS technology will provide you the location of your luggage alerting about when your luggage is unloaded from an aircraft or about to appear on the carousel.

We believe that giving just the location of your luggage would not make it smart enough. But, we suspect it to have much more features which are still not revealed by the companies.

However, there are many rumours and news surfacing that these bags can also send out alerts when they are being opened or when their owner moves more than a few meters away.

But, we would definitely like to see many more new features coming with the smart luggage.

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