Sunrise Calendar For iOS Now Includes Meet Keyboard |

Sunrise Calendar For iOS Now Includes Meet Keyboard

Uses your keyboard as a second screen for scheduling appointments on the fly.


We have all been in that situation where we are busy having a conversation in an email thread or a chat and suddenly have to schedule a meeting. Post this it is all about switching between you calendar app and your currently opened chat app. The makers of Sunrise have come with a new keyboard that helps you pull off the same, without switching over.

Sunrise Atelier, Inc. that is now owned by Microsoft, still seems to be innovating after its acquisition. While Microsoft has incorporated its best bits (along with Accompli’s) in its new Outlook app for iOS, it is indeed good to see such innovation coming from what was once an iOS only app.

The new keyboard called Meet comes as a part of Sunrise Calendar 4.0 update.

Upon switching keyboards from the default iOS one, Meet will easily allow you to glance into your calendar (which replaces the keyboard in the same space) and help you fix appointments without leaving your email or chat app.

Pretty handy, although we will have to give all the credit to Facebook’s Messenger app; for allowing its users to quickly shoot, images or pick existing ones without leaving the chat window.

Upon checking your schedule, you can quickly send the available spot as a short link to your friend. Your friend receives the same and confirms it. Post that the event gets added to both calendars. More importantly, Meet works with most apps on the app store, so will be available almost everywhere on your iPhone or iPad.

One drawback according to early adopters is that the user on the other end has to enter in his email ID, which could appear to be a phishing scam. So it is wise to tell your contact that its not when you do send a request.

Still then, the team behind this genius idea is still working on the project and will be looking forward to your feedback in order to perfect it. Sunrise Atelier, Inc. plans to add group meeting as well in the coming updates.

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