Microsoft To Include Interactive Live Tiles In Future Windows 10 Updates |

Microsoft To Include Interactive Live Tiles In Future Windows 10 Updates

Apart from tiles, expanded toasts and ‘Act’ toasts are a part of it as well.


From what was a simple start menu, Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform grew into Live Tiles, and currently even offers an Action Centre for notifications and toggles for communications.

While it all seems like plenty for now, Microsoft thinks that there are still better ways, (obviously inspired by Android and iOS) to display notifications; something that its team spoke about at the recent Ignite conference.

So its seems that Microsoft has bigger plans indeed for Windows 10. This had to be done due to problems that arise from scaling apps from mobile to tablet and finally the desktop.

Christine Matheney and Jerry Nixon spoke about Interactive Live tiles (which were demoed a long time ago) but somehow have not made it into Windows Phone yet. While Live Tiles simply flip over to display more information, Interactive ones will let you tap to expand and even let you scroll though the headers of your emails or even punch numbers on the Calculator tile.

Indeed this is similar to Android’s widgets that basically are mini apps that work as extensions to the big ones within.

Also talked about were Adaptive Tiles and more interestingly, new toast states. Toast notifications in the Action Center will be able to display more upon tapping which is again similar to the expanded notifications on Android.

There will also be new types of Toast notifications, Glance and Act, that will either let you read a notification in the form of a pop up or let you select actions (like, reply, yes, no) from the same.

While this may sound like a lot. We really believe that Microsoft should be looking at ways to simplify the whole thing instead of working on more types of notifications.

The Live Tiles are indeed more than enough if they would be interactive reducing the need for the above mentioned toasts and even the Action Center.

The new Toast notifications will arrive in the first build, but Microsoft plans to push Interactive Notifications in future updates only.


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