BlackBerry Rolls Out BBM Protected For Android And iOS |

BlackBerry Rolls Out BBM Protected For Android And iOS

Now you can even communicate securely with a non protected user.


As much as BlackBerry would like to change it, BlackBerry devices and services are clearly about business. It is something that they do better than anybody else. This can again be said about its BBM Protected service that was until now, exclusive to BlackBerry devices only.

Well starting today, the service is now available for Android and iOS BBM users as well.

It uses encryption keys that are generated and exchanged between the devices that are connected, to keep the conversations completely secure.

For those of you not in know, the BBM Protected IM offers a service that is similar to the standard BlackBerry Messenger but with advanced security.

This is why it is a hit in the corporate world as data indeed needs to be secure, be it an email or a chat conversation.

BlackBerry claims that its service actually prevents the man-in-the-middle attack allowing for secure conversations, even if the person you are chatting with does not have the service activated. 


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