Instagram Introduces Layout App For Better Collages |

Instagram Introduces Layout App For Better Collages

It is not your usual photo collage app.


Instagram has introduced an all-new app for iOS devices called Layout. The new app allows users to make photo collages by combining multiple photos (in a creative way) from your device into a single image.

While this may sound like something that has already been done before, we suggest you have a second look, as the app is lot smarter than it appears to be.

Opening the app will automatically load up a previews of possible combinations and with different filters. Still then, Layout from Instagram will allow you to customise your collage in every possible way you can think of.

Indeed there are plenty of options in there, but things get a lot smarter. There is a faces section that will find all the photos (from your Camera Roll) with faces in them for you, making it quicker and easier to find and select the shots for your collage.

Lastly, Instagram has also introduced a Photo Booth feature that after a brief countdown, will begin capturing photos, that the app automatically places in a “layout”.

Layout from Instagram is currently available only for iOS devices but the company has plans to push out an Android app in the coming months.

Name: Layout from Instagram
Developer: Instagram, Inc.
Platform: iOS
Size: 4.8 MB
Download: iTunes


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