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Facebook’s Phone Is A Dialer App That Is In The Works

May do a lot more than just help you block numbers and place calls.


Seems like Facebook is out to replace another app on your Android smartphone. Users, both from the company and outside seem to have received a message to try out an app called Phone.

The app according to the notification seems to be able to block numbers and also throw up information about a caller, by pulling up details from your Facebook account.

While Venture Beat did get in touch with a Facebook spokesperson, they simply refused to give out any details apart from the fact that the app is just being tested.

Facebook does have a plethora of apps for Apple’s ecosystem, and the same can also be said about Android.

The apps for Android in fact have deeper roots in the user's phone simply because they end up being third-party alternatives for launchers (Facebook Home), SMS, messaging apps (Messenger) and more.

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Phone will in all probability replace the dialer app on your phone. It may also work like the multitude of third-party dialer apps that deliver more information by connecting to various accounts (eg. Contacts+) and provide more refreshed information in the contacts (People) section.

But as the representative stated, it is under testing, so there may be a big chance that the app may never surface, or it may come as an additional feature inside another one.

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