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Opera Coast Update Delivers Video Boost And More

Will allow you to do more with big data savings.


Opera has delivered yet another update for its finest browser, Opera Coast. The third-party web browser that is currently available only for the iOS platform gets the much-requested Video Boost feature along with the usual bug fixes.

Turbo Boost was certainly a hit when it appeared on Opera Mini since it delivers faster speeds by compressing pages. Video Boost that was recently introduced in an Opera Mini update now makes it way to Opera Coast as well.

It basically compresses video even on shaky connections and delivers smooth video (albeit with reduced quality) without eating in your data plan. This is all thanks to the Rocket Optimizer engine that was brought in with Opera’s SkyFire acquisition.

Turning it on is simple. Simply turn on Opera Turbo in the settings and Video Boost gets switched on as well.

Apart from the above you will now also see a progress bar on slower networks (considering we are in India, this is bound to happen).

Everything else is pretty much a stability fix or an improvement of an existing feature.

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