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Dropbox For Android Updated With A PDF Viewer And More

Brings a couple of handy new features that are available on its counterparts from other platforms.


Dropbox has delivered a pretty neat upgrade for its Android app. While there are the usual performance enhancements and bug fixes, the two important and new features are clearly the PDF viewer and the in-document search.

The new feature will allow you to open a PDF document from anywhere with the new PDF viewer. What is cooler, is that upon opening a PDF document you can even create a link on the fly and share it someone else (without downloading the file to your phone).

The viewer works for both; files within the app and the ones coming from other third-party apps as well.

Next up is in-document search. This feature allows users to search within documents using keywords. What in-document search also does, is that it will jump straight to the part of the file that contains those words.

Considering that this an Android app on a smartphone, it is a very handy feature indeed; especially when you are hunting for something within a document that's attached in an email.

The in-document search is available for a number of file types including, PDFs, Word documents and PowerPoint presentations. If you have not downloaded the update, we suggest you do the same right away and take advantage of these free features.


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