HERE Maps Goes Cross-Platform With Brand-New iOS App |

HERE Maps Goes Cross-Platform With Brand-New iOS App

Apple could learn a lot from Nokia's HERE.


While Android smartphone owners got their dose of offline-ready HERE Maps not too long ago, its now turn for iOS users to get their own version of the same. This is because HERE has finally announced its brand-new app for the iPhone.

We say brand-new because this is not the same old app that the company had launched sometime back to test the waters on iOS. The new app is built from scratch for iOS 8 and the iPhone (there is an iPad app in the pipeline as well) and is new and purpose built, unlike the HTML 5 version of the past.

Still then the app is similar to the Android one, beautifully made, and offers all of the features of the former including, offline maps and navigation along with offline search for local establishments.

Seems like Apple Maps just got another competitor. Or may be we should be looking forward to a billion dollar acquisition, between Apple and HERE soon. But that is certainly not happening, as Samsung seems pretty interested and has its hands in HERE’s (Nokia's) pockets already.

Indeed we can see Windows Phone users getting a bit furious as their app has certainly not been updated for a while. HERE must have focused on the iOS app after Android and WP users cannot complain as Microsoft does not pull its strings any more.

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