Google’s Messenger App Gets Updated To v1.2 |

Google’s Messenger App Gets Updated To v1.2

Adds something new while tweaking an existing section.


Google’s Messenger app (yes, even Facebook has one) has now been updated to version 1.2. The jump brings one big change in the form of GIF support and also simplifies the existing Settings menu.

The SMS app now adds GIF image support. Meaning that you can send across the same as an MMS. This is weird since most Android users do have Hangouts pre-installed and the app does a good job at SMS, chats and calls as far as we can tell. Sharing GIFs via the SMS is something that may be unique to the Messenger app only (which is why it exists).

Still then there are many who prefer a separate app just for SMS, (even though Hangouts lets you view both separately with a recent update) to keep things simple.

Apart from GIF images, Messenger also gets a simplified Settings menu.

Gone is that long list of options and we now just have frequently used options like Notifications Toggle, Sound, Vibrate etc. on the main page, with the rest of the stuff hidden under the Advanced section.

As always the update is rolling out gradually but if you want to download it right away, feel free to click on the link below and download the .APK file for installation.


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