Microsoft, Sony, OPPO And Motorola Will Support The Snapdragon 810 SoC |

Microsoft, Sony, OPPO And Motorola Will Support The Snapdragon 810 SoC

HTC and Samsung strangely seemed to be left out of the official press release from Qualcomm.


Qualcomm today released a rather interesting press release in the light of the all the bad publicity the company has been getting about its most talked about mobile chipset.

Smartphone fans from different manufacturers seem to be excited about the new chipset and the power-packed performance that it brings, but recent issues about overheating chips seems to have led many to believe that the 810 may not be the best option.

While all of us have been dying to get our hands on a Snapdragon 810-powered smartphone, we are currently out of options. This is because only LG (G Flex 2) and Xiaomi (Mi Note Pro) have announced their smartphones sporting the same hardware.

The press note that comes from Qualcomm does include a few eye openers. Firstly we noticed that Microsoft is interested in building smartphone and tablets that will sport the Snapdragon 810 SoC.

The official press release states:

“Microsoft and Qualcomm’s long standing collaboration has allowed the two companies to offer compelling business, imaging, and entertainment experiences with Lumia smartphones running on Windows Phone,” said Juha Kokkonen, general manager for portfolio and product management at Microsoft. “We look forward to continuing this relationship to deliver best in class Lumia smartphones, powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 processors, and offer an unprecedented combination of processing power, rich multimedia, high-performance graphics and wireless connectivity for our customers.”

Apart from Microsoft and the Windows 10 platform, we also noticed that Sony, Motorola and OPPO are interested in Qualcomm’s latest offering as well.

What is interesting to note however, is the fact that Samsung and HTC have clearly been left out. While we do know about Samsung’s move to switch to Exynos in a bid to deliver unique products (only for the flagships), we were indeed surprised to see HTC remain silent about the same.

It was only recently that Qualcomm mentioned in its earnings call that the chipmaker had lost an important customer. Whether this is Samsung or HTC, for now, remains a big mystery. This is more so, after we heard about the mid-range HTC A55 sporting a MediaTek chipset.


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