Sony May Not Announce The Xperia Z4 Flagship At MWC |

Sony May Not Announce The Xperia Z4 Flagship At MWC

Kind of makes sense since we have seen very few leaks of the smartphone appear online.


While smartphone fans await for their favourite brands to announce something new in the Android space, Sony it seems will take a back seat. This may be linked to the company’s new strategy that the GM of Sony’s Taiwan branch recently revealed. Sony Taiwan it seems will be extending the product-life of their smartphones by delivering fewer products in more options but bundled with better services.

Still then, Sony fans would indeed be disappointed as most of us know that the Japanese giant is already looking for options to sell off its mobile division.

While sources state that Sony will be a no show at the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona, a month from now, there are still murmurs that the company may show up with a couple of budget or mid-range products.

This may be the leaked smartphone that showed up at the FCC a while ago, but as of now news is that Sony will not have much to reveal. This is more so with the announcement of the purple Xperia Z3 that was announced a few days ago that Sony may have announced to keep things refreshed.

Sony’s Taiwan GM states that Sony wants to increase the shelf-life of its smartphones to a year which is a lot for today’s quick-paced market. Most smartphones these days stay in the limelight for anything from 3 to 6 months (apart from Apple's iPhones) before something new shows up in the same segment.

Whatever it is, the Z3 isn’t going places with the Snapdragon 801 inside this year, and for all you know it may see a price cut and get pushed to the mid-range pretty soon. Of course we cannot confirm things for sure until the MWC takes place, in a month’s time.

For some odd reason though it seems that the best thing that Sony can do right now is ape Apple's product release cycle and just launch two flagships every year (the second being a Compact).

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