Mysterious Sony Smartphone Shows Up At The FCC |

Mysterious Sony Smartphone Shows Up At The FCC

Sony’s last hope with the mobile devices market seems to be getting its share of attention.


While Sony is in a fix and figuring out what needs to be done of its Sony Mobile brand, we get another leaked document, giving us evidence that the Xperia Z4 exists.

The leaked document comes from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and tells us very little apart from what we already know.

The document confirms a device that is still a rumour and supports LTE bands 2, 5 and 7. We indeed do not know for sure that the device in the FCC filing is the Xperia Z4, but considering the LTE connectivity options, we are pretty sure that this may be the device after all.

While we know that the smartphone will come with two display variants (Full HD and QHD), what still remains a mystery is what it will look like and how it will perform. Sony has had major issues with its design, that is somehow stuck to the OmniBalance theme and even with the current Xperia Z3, that is prone to heating problems.

Moreover the much advertised 4K recording seems to be limited to just a minute of footage. So we hope that Sony has a solid performer when it shows up at the upcoming MWC in Barcelona, as it is just a month away.

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