Sony To Soon Shut Down All Of Its Stores In Canada |

Sony To Soon Shut Down All Of Its Stores In Canada

With a failing mobile and TV business, it is not surprising when such things happen.


Sony is shutting down all of its Sony Stores in Canada. CBC news reports that the company has officially put out a statement and will be shutting all of its outlets in the next 6 to 8 weeks.

The official statement also tells us that Sony will not be shutting down operations in Canada. While the stores will remain shut, Sony will continue to provide service and products online, and via its Sony retailers thanks to its Sony-trained sales team.

Clearly, things do not look too good for Sony right now. The news about Sony being open to selling off its mobile business is pretty much disheartening considering how long Sony has been in the business.

Sony mobile fans will indeed be the worst hit as their shiny new cellphones come from an 'Xperia' brand that does not exist any more.

Still then, there is a bit of hope. The upcoming Sony Xperia Z4 range of devices to be unveiled at the upcoming MWC in Barcelona may turn things around. That is, if Sony comes out with a refreshed product; anything apart from that, and it can start counting its days to a closure.

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