Sony May Be Open To Selling Its Mobile Business |

Sony May Be Open To Selling Its Mobile Business

The company’s developmental pace with mobile seems to be a bit too slow.


Have one long look at Xperia Z, Z1, Z2 and the Z3 and you will notice, that not much has changed apart from the processor inside. Even the UX that Sony delivers has been pretty much consistent since day one. So its no biggie when Reuters suddenly comes to the conclusion, that Sony may soon sell off its mobile division.

Sony Mobile fans will obviously be disappointed with such news as it is indeed disheartening to hear that the brand of the smartphone that you just purchased may no longer exist in the coming months.

More so for long term Sony fans, it would be a transition from Sony Ericsson, to Sony and now may be just Xperia, like what happened to Sony’s VAIO laptop range.

After 1.9 billion dollars in losses, it indeed seems that Sony failed to pool in the necessary talent to keep the mobile division alive.

Sony tried to rescue the division by promising to deliver fewer handsets this year. Somehow that did not seem to do the trick either, as Sony’s newest Xperia Z3 handset was indeed a disappointment and came with problems that were similar to the Z2.

With Xperia Z4 set to launch at the upcoming MWC 2015 in Barcelona, we hope that Sony plays the right notes, as the future of the division clearly depends on it. But if things turn out to be like the past leaks, we can conclude that Sony is indeed going nowhere.


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