OnePlus In Talks With Microsoft To Build A Windows Phone Device |

OnePlus In Talks With Microsoft To Build A Windows Phone Device

It's still only a possibility, but should still excite many Microsoft and Windows fans


Microsoft has signed up a truckload of Windows Phone hardware partners in the past, ranging from India's Micromax to Korean behemoth Samsung. While none of that really surprised us, news of a possible tie up between Microsoft and Android manufacturer OnePlus did feel like getting hit in the face with a sledgehammer.

In the past year, OnePlus has created tidal waves in the smartphone industry with its philosophy of offering a device with high-end specs at an affordable price. The possibility of something similar happening - this time with Windows - is indeed exciting and could provide Microsoft's smartphone operations a shot in the arm.

The news of OnePlus being in talks with Microsoft to build a Windows handset appeared as a passing comment in an Economic Times report. "We have had discussions with Microsoft over a Windows Phone smartphone. We are still looking into it," said Carl Pie, global director of OnePlus.

An odd marriage

The much publicized tagline for the OnePlus One smartphone reads “Never Settle” and is in keeping with the amount of freedom users of the device have. A smaller price tag means users can buy a flagship device off-contract, and the same idea extends to the software - infinitely customizable CyanogenMod flavor of Android.

Windows Phone OS doesn't really fit into that definition of 'freedom' as it's pretty much locked down to whatever Microsoft wants it to be. While a Windows smartphone with high-end specifications but a small price tag may be successful, some of the charm that the OnePlus One offers could be lost in transition.

However, it doesn't look like the company has made up its mind about bringing out a Windows Phone just yet. At this point, Pie's statement only goes to tell us that a tie-up with Microsoft is a real possibility, but expecting a Windows Phone from OnePlus anytime soon is a longshot.

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