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If Nokia Had Its Way, 4G Speeds In India Could Be 400 Times Faster

Imagine downloading a 5GB HD movie in as little as 11 seconds.


After getting rid of its handset division, Finnish telecom firm Nokia has diverted all its attention to make networking gear. To showcase its prowess, the company recently achieved transfer rates of 3.78 gigabits per second (gbps) on a 4G network, allowing a user to download a 5GB file in 11 seconds flat.

If that number wasn't mind boggling enough, the transfer speed achieved by Nokia's South Korean network is 400 times faster than 4G speeds offered by Indian telecom operators. Currently Airtel and Videocon Telecom are the two operators offering the fastest 4G speeds in India - a miniscule 10mbps.

"Nokia and SK Telecom reached a throughput speed of 3.78 gigabits per second (gbps). At this speed, a mobile broadband user can download a full-length 5 GB high-definition (HD) movie in just 11 seconds," said Nokia in a statement.

The company achieved such high transfer speeds by aggregating 10 spectrum frequencies of 200 megahertz each. Ironically, this is almost 10 times higher than the broadband wireless spectrum won by companies in 2010 for use in 4G services.

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