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Lenovo Overtakes Apple To Become The 3rd Largest PC Maker In The US

Despite the contracting PC market Lenovo (and Apple) have managed to steadily grow sales of laptops and desktops.


Lenovo recently reported hefty gains in its annual revenue and profit reports, and has indicated that for the first time it has shipped more PCs in the US than its rival Apple. The Chinese company claims it is now the third largest PC manufacturer in the US, behind Dell and HP.


PC sales has been contracting for some time now, and this trend is most pronounced in the US market. Yet Apple, and now Lenovo, claim that they've steadily been able to grow desktop and laptop sales.


Lenovo says the sales figures are of the last three months, but as Engadget points out, research firm Gartner had Lenovo on the fourth spot as recently as April. Despite this difference in perspective, Lenovo has been dominating the global PC market for a year now, so its growth in the US market doesn't come as a surprise.


The company has been growing its line of premium ThinkPad laptops, which have certainly helped sales in a market like the US. Apart from this the company's recent acquisition of Motorola could also play a role in improving its visibility in the US, given the iconic status of the mobile brand.


While Dell and HP may be leading the PC market in US, their sales have been more or less stagnant over the past few years. If Lenovo and Apple continue to grow their sales at a similar pace we could soon see them trumping even these American heavyweights.

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