Apple Could Launch Two Updated MacBook Air Models Tomorrow |

Apple Could Launch Two Updated MacBook Air Models Tomorrow

Don't expect anything more than a processor upgrade and some tweaks to storage options.


Apple could be looking to launch a refreshed line of MacBook Air laptops as early as tomorrow, according to 9to5mac. The update will most likely bring to the fore a processor upgrade to Intel's Haswell chips and new storage options.


While numerous reports have suggested that Apple will launch a MacBook Air with a much thinner profile, no fan and a Retina display, the update which will be rolled out tomorrow is much less significant. The new 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Airs are codenamed J41A and J43A respectively, and are simply variations of the current devices.


The biggest change then with the new MacBook Air will be the use of Intel's Haswell chips. The company claims that its latest generation of processors brings a minor increase in performance, while also reducing power consumption. The other change will most likely involve a change to the Air's storage options.


The report adds that large quantities of the new MacBook Air have started arriving at Apple stores in the US, and that they could go on display from tomorrow morning.


While no news of the upgraded Air coming to India has broken just yet, we'd advice you to delay your purchases by a little bit, expecting either the new MacBook Airs or discounts to clear stocks of the older ones.

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