You Can Now Buy A WhatsApp SIM In Germany |

You Can Now Buy A WhatsApp SIM In Germany

Gives you unlimited WhatsApp usage with a few extras thrown in.


It was just two months ago that WhatsApp CEO, Jan Koum (who now sits with the Facebook Board) pointed out that something new is coming. We were all excited about voice calls on WhatsApp which somehow has got delayed time and again. Now we have news that WhatsApp for the first time has joined hands with German operator E-Plus to offer their very own WhatsApp SIM card.

So what would you expect from a WhatsApp SIM card? Well, WhatsApp and E-Plus think in the range of unlimited WhatsApp messaging (yes you heard it right) with the usual mix of calling and data plans. What makes this idea so different is that WhatsApp moves from being an app on your phone, to a service similar to voice calls or SMS.

The E-Plus plan goes like this, for EUR 10 (approx. Rs 827) you get 600 credits where each credit can be used in exchange for 1 MB of data or 1 minute of talk. You could either talk for 800 minutes or use 800 MB of data if you wish to. What you get with the WhatsApp branded SIM is an unlimited pass with unlimited data, which will not be considered in your data charges. E-Plus also has an app that lets you re-fill your and manage your account and comes with the WhatsApp branding.

Will WhatsApp turn out to be a standard service that will replace SMS worldwide? Only time will tell.

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