Stuff That Helps Body Builders Bulk Up Can Charge Your Phone In 30 Seconds |

Stuff That Helps Body Builders Bulk Up Can Charge Your Phone In 30 Seconds

Don't however expect the technology to hit store shelves anytime soon.


StoreDot, a startup that is based out of Israel has developed a new technology that promises to charge smartphones in just 30 seconds. The company showcased its battery-charging prototype on Monday at Microsoft's Think Next Conference in Tel Aviv.


According to CNET, at the event StoreDot showed how its technology could be used to charge a nearly empty Samsung Galaxy S4 within just 30 seconds, a stark contrast to the many hours it takes to replenish a smartphones battery with regular chargers.


Building the ultimate smartphone charger wasn't the initial focus of the company, which had been constructing semiconductors using peptides, until they realised it would come in handy for charging smartphone batteries.


Peptides are organic amino acids that when linked together form proteins. It is for this reason that Peptides have become popular among body builders – who have been turning to science to help them build muscle mass which mainly constitutes of proteins.


StoreDot says when its charger is connected to a smartphone battery, it sets the peptides into motion which is what helps to drastically reduce the charging time. The company is relying on a regular wire to carry charge to the smartphone rather than any of the newer wireless ways. In fact, StoreBot's answer is far from that, with the charger being roughly the size of a laptop charger currently.


While the technology seems promising, it won't be available to consumers anytime soon. The prototype currently works only with the Samsung Galaxy S4, while the company is working on increasing the number of supported handsets, while also reducing the size of the charger.

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