Sony Launches Vaio Flip: Flipable Windows Laptops |

Sony Launches Vaio Flip: Flipable Windows Laptops

It goes Flip, Flippery, Flock.


In a world that is going more and more mobile, Sony has come up with an innovative way to marry content creation and content consumption devices in a neat little way, called Sony Vaio Flip. The Flip devices give the full blown strength of a Windows 8.1 OS while still keeping mobility in mind.

Known as the Vaio Flip for its unique "flip" behaviour, it can be used as a laptop, a tablet and in a presentation mode. The Flip behaviour makes a lot more sense than Dell's and looks cooler than Lenovo Yoga's implementation of a similar lineup.

You have three laptops — 13inch, 14inch and 15inch. All come with Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution touchscreen with a Triluminos display which claims to produce better colours on the screen and is quite scratch resistant. Check out the video below.


What I really liked:
The 13 inch model in particular is an interesting one, as it is meant for mobility (at 1Kg only) and is meant to be used specifically as tablet with a 128GB SSD drive and a 13MP camera on it to feel more like a tablet. This one, I definitely want to review, so be a look out on for that.

The power adapters have very been very thoughtfully made. Not only are they slimmer than the usual heavy ones, they also come with an additional USB charging port to charge any other device like a smartphone, camera, etc. Very nice Sony!

Check out Sony product engineers talking about making the product. In Japan, they call this the Sony Fit, I think Flip sounds much better any day!


Cool Offers
Sony is offering some real goodies with these laptops.
- MDR-XB 910A headphones worth Rs 13,000: I heard these, they are nice albeit bassy for me. I wouldn't pay the asking price but wouldn't mind these at all with my laptop purchase.
- Songs for 3 months: As Sony says “unlimited” songs for 3 months from Sony Music- ‘Jive’.
- 2 Years Extended Warranty: With the Flip, you can buy 2 Years Extended Warranty for Rs. 999/- only (Offer applicable from 15th Jan’14 to 31st March’14). If I were to buy Vaio Flip, I'd go for this offer.
- 6 months EMI: You have 6 months EMI on select credit cards with zero processing fee.

The new VAIO Flip F13N/F14N/F15N will be available starting 29th January, 2014. For the pricing of Sony Vaio Flip in India, check the chart below:


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