Toshiba Intros 18 New Laptops, Some With HDMI 4K Output |

Toshiba Intros 18 New Laptops, Some With HDMI 4K Output

Brand new line-up for 2014.


Toshiba has updated its Satellite Series, by introducing 18 new laptops across the line-up at various price points.

The top-end performance series, the P Series will have HD and Full HD displays, featuring Harman/Kardon speakers and HDMI 4K output. The C Series offers economical price, with a wide variety of configuration options, while the L series features Onkyo speakers designed specifically to entertain the youth. The S Series offers a brushed metal finish, and the new sleek Satellite U40 series offers a blend of low weight and high performance.

Due to the variation in configurations, expect the prices to vary incredibly too, such as below:
Satellite P series – Rs 63,000 to Rs 77,000 (Intel i5, i7, 4 GB/8 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, NVIDIA 2 GB GPU)
Satellite C Series – Rs 24,730 to Rs 45,160 (15 inch, 2.3 KG)
Satellite L Series – Rs 42,575 to Rs 53,710 (Intel i3, i5, 750 GB HDD, Onkyo Speakers)
Satellite S Series – Rs N/A (Intel i3, i5, 1 GB NVIDIA 710)
Satellite U series – Rs 45,835 to Rs 51,910 (Intel i3, i5, ultra slim)

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