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Portronics Launches ‘Ruffpad 21’ — Your Smart Stylish Digital Notebook

Massive anti-glare screen perfect for doodling, note-making, and jotting down brilliant ideas


Unleash your imagination or simply doodle away your creative ideas on a large LCD writing pad. The Ruffpad 21 by Portronics, a major player in the digital and portable consumer electronics market in India, is a superb accessory for every desk — be it office, home, or school. A perfect gifting accessory for your kids, students, and colleagues, the smart digital writing pad not only makes creativity fun but also has a huge benefit to the ecosystem by avoiding the use of paper.

The Portronics Ruffpad 21 has a massive anti-glare screen perfect for doodling, note-making, and jotting down brilliant ideas. Weighing just 770g, the LCD Writing Pad is designed with a lightweight premium ABS enclosure and works with a simple stylus pen that needs no charging or batteries. Thanks to its 21-inch usable space, the writing pad is an ideal learning tool for little ones and a superb portable slate for creative professionals. The Ruffpad 21 is a green choice as it massively translates into saving paper the instant you start using it — all you need is this rewritable pad with a replaceable coin cell.

Enjoy extended usage without worrying about eye strain, headaches, or fatigue — thanks to the moderately bright and anti-glare LCD screen that makes it safe for all ages and ideal for kids too. Wipe out the pad clean with the press of the One-Tap Erase button and you are ready for your next project. And if you are worried about accidentally pressing that button and wiping off your entire day’s hard work, the Smart Lock button is always there to your rescue. Moreover, you can save and share your creativity, doodles, or notes on your smartphone by using the Ruffpad App available for both Android and iOS. You can also share these creatives with your friends over multiple social media platforms.

This multipurpose device can become a perfect companion for everyone, an awesome interactive tablet for your kids, a perfect writing/scratch pad for students, and serves as an ideal digital notepad for note-taking, and brainstorming in the office. This device is perfect for home or office and an amazing gift to give your loved ones on all occasions.

Pricing and Availability

All-new Portronics Ruffpad 21 is available at an introductory price of INR 2,149 backed with a 12-month warranty. Users can buy this product from the company's official website Portronics.com, Amazon.in, Flipkart.com, and other online and offline stores.

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