Time for a Change: pTron's 'Reflect Callz' is Setting a New Pace in Smart, Affordable Wearables! — Made in India, Made for You! | TechTree.com

Time for a Change: pTron's 'Reflect Callz' is Setting a New Pace in Smart, Affordable Wearables! — Made in India, Made for You!

The Reflect Callz comes with 1.85" fully immersive touch HD display, 600 nits display brightness making the watch UI screen highly visible in bright outdoor environments. The smartwatch with advanced Bluetooth calling function and a robust full-suite health tracking feature is priced at Rs 899/- for the launch and is available starting Sep 19 on Amazon India in silicon strap and metal strap variants. Which include Black, Silver and Gold for metal straps and Black, Black Gold, Silver, Pink and Blue for silicon strap variant.


pTron, Made in India brand rapidly growing and leading maker known for its affordable digital lifestyle, audio and wearables accessories brand in India, has unveiled its latest product under smartwatch segment. pTron proudly Made in India brand, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest innovation, “Reflect Callz Smartwatch”. Boasting an innovative design and incorporating professional-grade features, the Reflect callz is set to make a mark in the market that offer advanced features, superior comfort and great entertainment experience. Proudly carrying the 'Made in India' legacy at an irresistible price.

The revolutionary wearable packs fashion-friendly aesthetics with marquee features such as built-in games, full-touch 1.85 Largest HD Display, and Comes with Metallic and Silicon Strap.

Reflect Callz Smartwatch: Where Innovation Meets Affordability

Empowering You, Every Step of the Way

The Reflect Callz Smartwatch is designed to cater to a wide range of consumers with its budget-friendly launch price of just INR 899, making cutting-edge  technology accessible to all. This impressive smartwatch boasts a stunning 1.85" HD Largest display ensuring optimal visibility whether you're indoors or outdoors. It's not just a smartwatch; it's your health companion, fitness tracker, and entertainment hub, all in one.

The Power of Indian Craftsmanship - Where Resolution meets reality.

At pTron, we take immense pride in supporting the 'Make in India' initiative, and the Reflect Callz Smartwatch is a testament to our commitment. Crafted with precision and innovation right here in India, it embodies the best of Indian craftsmanship and technology.


The smartwatch features come with clean interface that’s easy to use and effortless with unique features like multi-sports mode with up to 5 days of battery life and up to an impressive 15 days on standby. The Reflect callz features an array of trackers such as Heart Rate Monitor (HRM), Sleep tracker, Daily activity tracker, Blood oxygen saturation (SP02 monitor), and guided breathing exercises as well for stress control that enables users to monitor and improve their wellness at regular intervals.

Equipped with Bluetooth 5.2, Reflect Callz lets you enjoy complete calling functionality through the smartwatch with functions like incoming call alerts, text message alerts, social media alerts, and saving favourite contacts (up to 8). Additionally, the watch also allows music control & camera control via Bluetooth, thus providing a seamless functional experience to the users. The watch features a soft silicone band that never goes out of style and sits comfortably on the wrist to give a fashionable look. With an IP68 rating, it's designed to endure, capable of withstanding dust, dirt, and even resisting sweat and splashes of water. This makes it the perfect companion for your active workout sessions and daily life alike.

To add an element of fun to your day, the Reflect Callz comes with built-in games that offer on-the-go entertainment, right at your fingertips. These features collectively redefine smartwatch excellence and make the Reflect Callz a standout choice in the world of wearables.


Also available in Metallic Straps

The Reflect Callz comes with – a metallic strap variant available in three amazing colors – Black, Silver and Gold, for a touch of elegance designed to withstand the rigors of your active lifestyle.


pTron Reflect Callz - Technical Specifications


1.85" HD touchscreen display

IP Rating

IP68 (Dust and water resistance)


Bluetooth V5.2 (up to 10 meters range)

Calling Feature

Bluetooth Calling

Health Trackers

Heart Rate Monitor (HRM), Sleep Tracking, etc.

Sports Modes

8 sports modes for active fitness tracking

Battery Life

Up to 5 days on regular use, up to 15 days standby

Built-in Games



Product Link: https://www.amazon.in/dp/B0CCK1BKSX

Special Launch Offer: To celebrate this momentous launch, pTron is offering the Reflect Callz Smartwatch at a special launch price of INR 899/-



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