Apple Scraps iPod Touch After 20 Years |

Apple Scraps iPod Touch After 20 Years

iPod Touch is still available ‘while supplies last'


Apple announced that it is discontinuing the iPod Touch, the last model standing in its lineup of portable music players. 

Apple is done with making dedicated music players, but they said that “the spirit of iPod lives on” in all of its devices that play music, like the iPhone and iPad. 

While iPod enthusiasts have embraced the iPod Touch as the new classic music player, the iconic device also found a following for those who were looking for an iPhone-like experience but didn’t actually want a phone.

But the reality is that most people don’t want to carry a second device just for music, when a phone can store music, take pictures, and just generally do a lot more than a music player.

Even though the sun has set on the iPod Touch, we must never forget that the iPhone would’ve never been invented without the iPod. Because inventions inspire more inventions, that’s how tech works. 

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