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5 Cryptocurrencies To Consider For Long-Term Investment

If you're considering adding a cryptocurrency with long-term potential to your portfolio, here are five cryptocurrencies worth considering.


As the cryptocurrency industry grows, many investors are looking for new opportunities to diversify their portfolios. One of the best ways to do so is by investing in cryptocurrencies that have strong long-term potential. If you're considering adding a cryptocurrency with long-term potential to your portfolio, here are five cryptocurrencies worth considering.


Currently, the price of Bitcoin is hovering around $61,822.90. For many people, this is very concerning because they are not sure if it will continue to rise or start to fall again. However, for long-term investors who have been investing in cryptocurrency since 2013 and 2014, respectively, this price is not a concern at all.

While there may be some fluctuations in Bitcoin’s value in the short term (days/weeks), long-term investors know that over time, more and more people will begin using cryptocurrencies as their main form of currency due to its limited supply. This will ensure stability and security compared with other forms of payment, such as fiat currencies (USD), which can be printed infinitely by central banks like the Federal Reserve Bank.


Ethereum is another cryptocurrency that has exploded in popularity due to its uniqueness and potential for growth. Ethereum's blockchain technology allows it to be used as smart contracts, which allow users to perform transactions without the need of any middleman or a third-party organization. This makes it more efficient than Bitcoin, but it also means there are fewer safety nets if something goes wrong. Investing in Ethereum may not be wise for those who want quick returns or have short attention spans. But it can provide major benefits in the long term.


Cardano is a blockchain project that has the potential to change how governments and large institutions record data. Cardano uses scientific philosophy, research-driven approach, and peer-reviewed academic approach to develop its technology. It is built on Haskell code, which allows for more secure coding practices than other languages like C++ or JavaScript. All these factors lead to Cardano having one of the best security track records in cryptocurrency today.

With Cardano's long-term vision being one of the best, this coin could be considered something worth investing in for the long term.

Binance Coin

Binance Coin is a cryptocurrency that has been designed to provide liquidity for the Binance Exchange. The company's native coin allows traders to use it to pay their trading fees. Furthermore, users can also receive discounts when they trade using BNB coins and store them in the exchange wallet. If you're looking for an investment opportunity with long-term growth potential, this might be worth considering.


Tether is a cryptocurrency that has been making headlines lately, and it can be used to buy other cryptocurrencies on exchanges or be held as an investment. The value of the Tether coin seems to always stay pegged at 1 USD since the company behind the project guarantees they will back every one of them with real money in their bank account. So, if you are looking for a stable investment without all the crazy volatility of Bitcoin and Ethereum, this may be your best bet.

Final Word

The cryptocurrency market is volatile and unpredictable but also has a lot of potential. If you're considering adding a new currency to your portfolio for the long term, you must do your research first. We've provided five cryptocurrencies worth consideration here, so take some time to consider if any might fit into your investment strategy before making an investment decision.

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