Gaming is growing faster than social media in India |

Gaming is growing faster than social media in India

India’s $1.8-billion gaming market is only 1% of the global gaming market, but it is growing exponentially on the back of mobile-first games


As per the report, the gaming sector in India is growing faster than most media sub-sectors including cinema, OTT, home entertainment, and social media.

According to a report by BCG-Sequoia India, the Indian gaming industry is expected to triple to over $5 billion by 2025 thanks to mobile first games.

The report delves into the evolution of Indian mobile gaming in terms of genres, engagement, and monetisation. 

 “86% of this market consists of mobile phone users. While there is large dependence on ad revenues today, increasing traction and engagement is expected to drive higher willingness to pay which will drive new ways of user monetisation and rising ARPUs in the coming years.” –Vikash Jain, managing director and senior partner, BCG

Gaming in India has become more popular due to increased internet access, better smartphones, viral games, influencers, and the pandemic. 

“The industry is witnessing a significant investor interest in Indian gaming. In fact, a third of all the funding for gaming in India came in the first quarter of 2021. The rise of gaming platforms is especially exciting, as evidenced by 80% of all funding going to platforms.” - Rajan Anandan, managing director, Sequoia India

The Consumer Survey was conducted by BCG India, which collected insights from over 3200 people across 21 locations in India.

“An average player who plays to avoid boredom may spend around 1-2 hours on games, while a die-hard gamer who plays for the competitive spirit, can spend nearly double the time on gaming while playing the same game or a different game altogether. Companies that are able to understand these varied consumers and identify which ones are they really serving are the ones which will lead the market.” - Mandeep Kohli, managing director and partner, BCG

Mobile gaming already makes up 86% of India’s gaming market, but there is still room to grow. In 2020, only 46% of Indians were connected to the Internet, compared with 60% in China and 90% in the US. Also, only 22% of Indians had played at least one mobile game as of 2020, compared to 45% in China and 50% in the US.

India’s mobile gamers also spent far less money than the Chinese and Americans. The average mobile gamer in India spends $3-10 on games in a year. The average mobile gamer in China meanwhile spends $57-66 a year, and the average US mobile gamer spends $73-77 a year.

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