The REAL Meta sues Facebook for literally 'stealing' its name |

The REAL Meta sues Facebook for literally 'stealing' its name

Facebook is not original enough to think of a new company name so they are trying to steal someone else's.


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Nate Skulic, founder of Meta, said that lawyers from Facebook have “hounding” his company to sell its name. But some things can’t be bought so Facebook’s next step was to ‘bury’ the company by the force of the media.

As a result, the Chicago-based tech firm has filed a lawsuit against Facebook, stating that Facebook stole its name and "livelihood" after it rebranded its name to Meta.

On October 28, “Facebook decided to commit trademark infringement and call themselves Meta.” Nate Skulic said in a company statement. “They couldn't buy us, so they tried to bury us by force of media. We shouldn't be surprised by these actions - from a company that continually says one thing and does another. This message may be regarded as a public cease and desist. Facebook and its operating officers are deceitful and acting in bad faith, not only towards us, but to all of humanity.”

"We refused their offer on multiple bases. Namely, the low offer wouldn't cover the costs of changing our name, and we insisted on knowing the client and intent, which they did not want to disclose. At least two law firms were involved: One in the US that requested its trademark and domains and the other in Europe aggressively contacting trying to get us to sell its domain registrations.” – Nate Skulic

“It's unfortunate to have been associated with a company so rooted in controversy and fixated on domination. We aim to be distinguished from Facebook's totalitarian view of the future. We hope the negative association with Facebook and its founder will be forgotten -- but we won't ignore the damages done.” – Nate Skulic


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