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What can we expect from Google’s Big Event tomorrow?

Google has shared a lot about the Pixel 6, but it hasn't told us everything, but all should be revealed during tomorrow’s (October 19th) event


The Pixel 6 obviously, but what else?

Google has shared a lot about the Pixel 6, but it hasn't told us everything, but all should be revealed during tomorrow’s (October 19th) event. 

How powerful will these phones be? Will they provide value for money? Does Google have any juicy surprises up its sleeve? Here's what you can expect from the presentation, including a few last-minute leaks.


The Specs

Unlike in the past, Google has been happy to share a few basic details on the Pixel 6. Both the base Pixel 6 and the bigger Pixel 6 Pro will mark Google's return to high-end phones with premium glass designs, which the Pixel 5 did not have. Pixel 6 will have better cameras with superior low-light performance, about 150% more light than before.

The Pixel 6 will contain the Tensor chip and even though we don’t know the full specs yet, it’s the company’s first custom microchip. The design uses its namesake AI processor to do things that were "previously impossible" on other microchips, such as juggling multiple AI tasks or processing live video.

The standard Pixel 6 will likely compete against 'entry' flagships like the the iPhone 13 and Galaxy S21 with a 6.4-inch flat 90Hz screen, a 50-megapixel main camera and a 12MP ultra-wide shooter. The Pixel 6 Pro is the definitive top-of-the-range model with a 6.7-inch curved 120Hz display and a third 48MP telephoto lens. 

Google claims that the Tensor microchip is up to 80 percent better performance than the Pixel 5 (not difficult to believe given the 5's mediocre Snapdragon 765G chip), but the highlight is the Tensor's photographic prowess. Google will deploy multiple AI-driven camera tricks that include a Magic Eraser to erase photobombers, a Motion Mode for action photography, and Face Unblur to keep people in focus. 

These aren't completely novel concepts (anti-photobombing is there in Samsung and Huawei phones), but they're new to Pixel and might be a lot better thanks to Tensor.


Services & Support

Rumors say that Google will offer “at least” five years of security updates to proud owners of the Pixel 6. That's more than the three to four years you often find in the Android world, and is roughly on par with iOS. We don’t know if you’ll get full operating system updates for those five years, but you may not have to worry about patchable vulnerabilities.



The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will obviously cost more than the Pixel 5. The Pixel 5 was more of an 

upper-mid-range phone, but it’s successor is premium with a capital ‘P’. But the question is how much more will it cost? One Redditor spotted a German listing that mentioned a €649 (about $750) price for the base Pixel 6. Meanwhile a source for This is Tech Today quoted €899 (roughly $1,050) for the 6 Pro. 

Fortunately or unfortunately, Google will borrow a cost- and waste-cutting measure from its rivals: it's leaving the charger out of the box. Not too inconvenient given the odds that you have a USB-C charger lying around, but it could be inconvenient if you're new to USB-C devices.


Other Surprises Unlikely

Don’t bet on Google announcing much else aside from the Pixel 6 and its packaged software. Google's marketing for the big event has mainly revolved around its new phones. It's unlikely that you'll see anything else and if you do then it’ll and be quite perfunctory.

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