Google Podcasts Finally Launches on iPhone |

Google Podcasts Finally Launches on iPhone

The company had launched the app a year ago and it had taken the top spot among podcasting apps


Looks like the worst of rivals can become the best of friends during a global calamity. The COVID-19 pandemic appears to have gotten the biggest of rivals in the tech field together, be it to support WHO-backed hackathons or to deliver succour to those affected by the virus through cross-utilization of their combined resources.

The latest to enter the fray is none other than Google, which unveiled a redesigned version of its Podcasts while at the same time also launching the iOS version of the same for download on to the iPhone.

That it is a timely initiative goes without saying, given that most of the world is cooped up indoors as governments join hands to find the pandemic and ensure that the infection curve gets flattened sooner than later.

The revamped version of the Google Podcast app focuses on discovery of fresh content and is split into three primary tabs defined as Home, Explore and Activity. The Home tab features the current feeds that a user would have set while Explore provides popular and curated shows with Activity diving deeper into their listening habits.

The app was launched last year and became a hot favourite of users on the Android platform. No prizes for guessing why! Google didn’t offer cross-platform availability

Launched last summer, the app quickly became the top podcasting app on Android, because, well, Google. There’s been some limited cross-platform availability by way of a browser. Obviously, native app support is much more appealing for iPhone and iPad owners looking to see what kind of alternative Google is offering to Apple’s own popular Podcasts app.

Users’ listening habits on the app will be syncable across platforms by way of the Google Podcasts for Web. The iOS version is available for download starting today. The Android update, meanwhile, will be rolling out to users this week.


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