New App Allows Triple-Camera Shoots on iPhone |

New App Allows Triple-Camera Shoots on iPhone

The app showcases possibilities for the three or four camera configurations that smartphones now have


Make Way for DoubleTake! This new app debuted on the App Store last night as a tool that considerably enhances the imaging capabilities of your iPhone, though only if they happen to be the latest ones that Apple launched last September.

Yes, the new app, which has been launched by FiLMiC Pro and promoted during the iPhone 11 series launch event, has launched now as an iOS exclusive and that too tailored specifically to enhance the imaging capabilities of the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and the11 Pro Max. The fact is that the app would function only on these three devices, as of now.

Of course, the developers are quite clear that this was a one-off and even now their blog has several examples of how the FiLMiC Pro app can be used for making short movies to music videos. The DoubleTake exercise merely broadens its capabilities through allowing users to capture multiple focal lengths at the same time through different shooters.

The company showcases some of the unique features through a press release. It says the app can shoot two actors having a conversation without the need for multiple takes. Then there is also the possibly of shooting and reverse shooting together which means that one can shoot from both rear and front cameras at the same time. Of course, the quality would differ as the camera quality on the front-facing one is inferior to the others.

The DoubleTake app isn’t as powerful as the Filmic Pro but then it isn’t a demo piece either. The app is capable of recording on any iPhone running the iOS13 though it does so only from a single camera. To get all three cameras to function, one needs to buy the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

And how does it work? It’s all quite easy actually. Initially one of the four quarters is depicted in colour, which is the lens that was being shown for the single-camera recording option. Each camera image is labelled as Ultra-wide, Wide, Tele and Selfie where available and users can tap to select any two. Once done, there is a confirm button and once confirmed, you’re not yet all set to go.

For that to happen, the user needs to press a white record button in the picture-in-picture mode. This image can be shifted around the display or expanded to fill the screen. Once done, the output of each of the two cameras is saved as separate H.264.MOV files with the same audio track included in both the files.

Does any of it make DoubleTake a must have app? Though there are frailties at the moment, the fact remains that such a functionality can be quite useful to bloggers who may want to feature themselves into their shoots or for amateurs who want to shoot a conversation and aren’t emotionally equipped to handle too many takes.

In case you’re reading this story on a smartphone, click right here to download the app and test it out. It is absolutely FREE.

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