Smart Homes: From a Distant Dream to Reality |

Smart Homes: From a Distant Dream to Reality

In case you are still struggling with that unwieldy vacuum cleaner, say hello to Roomba from iRobot for whom your wish is his command


Automation has been a pet theme for humankind ever since the cave dwellers began using weapons to hunt and fire to cook. Be it the domestication of forest dwellers, the formation of communities around farming to the most recent industrialization, all these progressions were based on the human desire to innovate processes and systems that eased daily chores.

In the modern age, this quest continues unabated as out-of-the-box thinkers have sought to shift the paradigm through such innovations. The fully automatic driverless car may not have hit the roads yet, but that doesn’t stop enterprises from continuously researching and solving challenges that persist, chiefly over how could a car predict the roads and unpredictable traffic.

How would technology consider the many moods of other drivers and the multifarious vehicle types that make for this chaos? Which is where creating a smart home becomes that much easier, given that variety is limited within the four walls and that makes things a wee bit more predictable. That’s the reason autonomous technology within a home isn’t a distant dream anymore.

Using just our voice commands or an app on our smartphone, the home could witness the owners distancing themselves from daily chores and robots stepping in and do their stuff without any need for supervision and with utmost safety. They can clean the homes, keep the coffee ready and set the cooling (or heating) to just the perfect setting so we return home to paradise.

If you think all of this is a pipe dream, think again. Our team at recently had a chat with Pulak Satish Kumar, Director and COO at Puresight Systems, a Bangalore-based company that is pioneering robotic home cleaners as part of developing a smart home for the future.

In a freewheeling chat, he touches upon how smart home technology has evolved over the years, how it got adopted and how data-security challenges is being handled by the company and much more…

Check out the video interview right here:

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