Apple Is Okay Getting Poop on Its AirPods |

Apple Is Okay Getting Poop on Its AirPods

For some reason, the company has limited the number of emojis that can be engraved on the air pods case and what’s bizarre it this list includes the poop emoji


As far back as the mid-2000s if one wanted their names etched on their iPods (remember them?), all they needed to do was ask the chap across the counter in an Apple store. The company took pride in the fact that their customers wanted to personalize their products and till date follow the process, something which none of the other brands have attempted.

So, it came as no surprise when that Apple AirPod charging cases could now be etched with emojis. “AirPods have always been able to be engraved, but the engravings were limited to text and there was no option to add an emoji character. Apple is highlighting the engraving options on its main site and when customers visit one of the Airpods product pages,” says the website that tracks everything Apple.

So far so good. However, Apple hasn’t given users the option of choosing from the entire emojis list that one perceives on the iPhone. There is the ghost, the unicorn, the skull, the dragon, snake and some animals from the Chinese zodiac. What appears crazy is that the list includes the infamous poop emoji.

Now, why would anyone want to put shit on their Airpod is what we are trying to figure out!

The company had started the engravings process last March and with the addition of emojis it is now offering customers the option of etching their names or one of the pictures from the list below (courtesy:

Though details aren’t yet available, by the looks of images available on it appears as though the company has enhanced the font size for the engravings. There is also currently no news on whether Apple would increase the number of emoji choices in the near or distant future.

Oh! By the way, the company has kept out the middle finger emoji out of the list!

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