WTF! Puma Makes Chairs and Shoes for Gamers |

WTF! Puma Makes Chairs and Shoes for Gamers

Looks like the couch potatoes who played games sitting on their desk are going to have their attention focused on accessories that can make gaming even better


At a time when health and wellness brands are crying out loud to get people off their couches and into gyms and other fitness locales, footwear brand Puma has done the unthinkable by creating special gaming chairs and footwear that supposedly enhances the capabilities of the compulsive gamers, the latter costing a whopping $105 a pair.

The company’s website claims that the “Active gaming footwear” has been created with console gamers in mind though there is nothing to suggest that PC owners would not benefit from these magic socks that are currently available in the UK and Australia and would soon find its way into the United States and other geographies.

Couch potatoes haven’t had it this good for ages. First came the AR and VR powered consoles such as Facebook’s Horizon that could capture and control one’s attention for hours on end, turning us into virtual zombies in a real world, now comes footwear designed to enhance once gaming capabilities – gaming that doesn’t involve the movement of a single muscle save those on the fingers.

By the way, Puma’s effort isn’t the first such from the sports and fashion business that has been partners in crime for decades now. Nike had launched e-sports jerseys while Adidas is shipping its Ninja sneakers within a week’s time in the United States. Maybe, Puma was feeling rather left-out and so decided to join the bandwagon called e-sports. Would there be e-sex anytime soon?

This is how Puma describes their new product: “In extensive talks with professional gamers, we uncovered the need for a sock-like shoe; one that is comfortable, lightweight and grippy. It has a super-low-profile rubber outsole made for at-home or in-arena use. What we created is a new performance shoe that we describe as Active Gaming Footwear, the latest Puma gaming tool to help gamers focus on their game and perform at their best.”

The company says the product is designed for indoor and in-arena use to deliver “seamless comfort, support and grip so gamers can adapt to different active gaming modes and game their best.” Maybe, these accessories can come in handy when gamers are using their AR-VR consoles and getting to move their muscles (read asses!).

Duh! How can a pair of socks or a chair help a gamer whose only movement is around the fingers, palms, wrists and forearms? How can the gamer’s posterior positioned on a comfortable chair actually enhance performance? Well! No prizes for guessing. Professional gaming is also getting to be more about appearances, because that’s where accessories can make their appearance!

Having read through these lines, if any one of you feels the urge to check out what these are, click on the links to watch the Puma videos on the smart shoes and the smart chairs. And, in case you still want to own a pair of the shoes and the ubiquitous chair, please take a moment and share the reasons via our comments section.

Because, we really love to know if sports brands are in sync with the gaming community or are simply seeking to create yet another segment to push sales.

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