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Digitizing Ration Card Apps Can Ease Your Life



Ration cards are documents created by the State Government and shared with the public containing their personal details. These documents vary across various Indian states but they serve the same purpose. People with ration cards are eligible for varying state subsidies. Furthermore, ration cards are still considered the most common form of address proof throughout the country.

What is the process of making a ration card?

Like most Government processes, the queues are endless with multiple forms and documents to be submitted. Furthermore, these documents have to be handed over at the Mamlatdar office in any major city.

After making multiple trips and submitting all required documents, applicants have to constantly check to see if their ration cards have arrived. According to the process, they arrive in about two weeks. Thanks to a large backlog, and a lot of people waiting in line, they take a little longer to get here.

Making a simpler ration card application process.

A lot easier said than done, we are trying to work on an online application process for ration cards. About 75% of India is connected through the internet. They do use the mobile internet but that should still reduce a couple of trips to the Mamlatdar office.

Furthermore, a system will be put in place to get your ration card online; accept all documents in soft copy, which means images can be clicked and uploaded instead of being told about each specific item every time you head to the office.

We moved the entire system online. The website has links to different forms that would be needed to create ration cards state wise. Although the basic idea of a ration card is the same, the process may vary, so finding the right state of residence makes all the difference.

After uploading all the documents and filling out the entire form, there would be verification process where a team would make sure the content uploaded matches their requirements. Finally, users would be given a date that their ration card would reach the nearest office and they would be able to head down there and collect it.

Why would this be better?

Firstly, it adds all the personal information about the people online, which means it would be better secured from getting damaged or lost. It's safer since it is protected and cannot be stolen or misused easily, as compared to documents lying on someone’s table.

Furthermore, you can track the progress of your ration card online which is an easier and stress-free process.


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